GoldenFLIX Distributor Pre-Approvals (18 Mar-18 April 2018)

If you wish to Distribute / Resell the CHRONMEDALLION Free Wi-Fi Interface

Fill out the contact form below and if you qualify, we will forward a passcode to the allowing you to have access to the wholesale price lists, Investor plans, access to FREE Wi-Fi Blockchain Providers once the World WiFi ico incentive is successful after the April 18th 2018 deadline.

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Welcome to Block Chain Wi-Fi

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World Wi-Fi is a global project built through the collective efforts of the community.  The network will be based on privately owned routers (most of which are residential). Their owners may offer free Internet access and earn cryptocurrency through Wi-Fi Blockchain advertising.

In the end, everybody wins: the guest user no longer pays for access to the internet, the router owners generate revenue by sharing their resource, and advertisers reach their target audience.  Invest only 0.1 USD for each WT (World WiFi Token).

Gain an additional 15% Bonus if tokens are purchased at this pre-sale stage.